Altair Space Station - Brainit Escape Room Altair Space Station
Harakevet 22, TEL AVIV 054-5876238
Altair Space Station
2016 | USA
Planet earth has lost contact with the Altair space station and along with it, any hope for the survival of the human race. Mission Inc. is looking to form a special team of courageous volunteers brave enough to take an inter-galactic teleport travel to the space station in order to answer the most critically burning question worldwide:
What happened on the space station Altair?

Minimal age: Family is entitled to bring one child under 6 yers old for free if at least three players arrive. Entry for children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult

2 — 4 Players

The entry is straight forward to the bus station, through the glass door

שימו לב!!! בכדי להזמין שעות אחר חצות - יש לעבור ליום הבא!
לדוגמא, 01:00, 02:40 וכו' - אלה שעות לילה של היום הקודם!

Please bring flat shoes without heels
Entry forbidden for suffering from epilepsy


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